I do to : Day Trading

Yes you read that title correctly, I do to day trading. The day I married my husband was the day I realized I married day trading.

Day trading has become an equal partner in my marriage like my husband. This blog is being written to document the journey of my husband becoming a day trader and how I stand by his side. When he began, I could barely find information on day traders and even less information on the spouse or significant other of the day trader. I wanted to create s space to connect with others involved with a day trader, to speak about our fears and how we can support each other.

So this story begins: 

Marriage, a blessed sacrament that unifies two people, unifies families, lives and goals. In my short marriage of five months, I have learned that although we had been in a  relationship for the last 6 years, we now actually have one life to live side by side.

My husband,Carlos Alvarez, has a current Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida in International Business. He used it for a year or so and decided he hated his current field. Flash forward months and were both starting a strapless bra business which eventually lead nowhere, flash forward more months (insert arguments here) and were starting an organic Castile soap business. Let’s just say I still have boxes of unopened soap sitting in my garage and occasionally I’ll crack a bottle open to use as dish soap.

I did not want my husband unemployed, I am a nurse with a growing career, how dare I have an employed husband. He agreed to get his Certified Nursing Assistant certificate and worked in an assisted living facility for a while.

On July 22, 2017 we entered holy matrimony. 

On July 22,2017 day trading and I entered holy matrimony.

My husband had been toying with the idea of day trading for a while but only until recently did he commit. I thought to myself, great another business endeavor that will go nowhere. He knew those were my thoughts. He used caution when bringing up the topic, but we were newly weds, the magic still was clinging on our skin.

Perhaps a month later, he quit his job and was committed to finishing a second degree to get into medical school ( plan B) and has six monitors in the living room to be able to day trade at ease.

I am now financially responsible for his tuition, mine, bills, daily expenses and oh yeah a mortgage! ( Insert panicking emoji here)

So how do I deal?

Stay tuned for the next blog!

The Good and The Bad

What makes a marriage good or bad?

This is just one of my many thoughts of the day, as I look over the trinkets on my desk.


Marriage, so far has had good and bad days. I find myself wondering what are the “bad” moments couples who are financially well off facing or how do other couples get through the bad moments.

Recently, marriage has improved as Carlos’ (my husband) backsplash installing business has hit off. I am finally feeling more at ease as he is working during the day ( of course after day trading unless its the weekend) and studying at night.

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Say yippee to finally having a savings!

Truthfully this new source of income has made me wonder if I was wrong to have been wanting him to make money, sort of as if was I being materialistic? Then I realize, it takes two in a marriage and I feel comfortable to have pushed him into doing something other than just day trading. Perhaps day traders out there disagree with me but his new business does not interfere with his day trading and has in fact it has increased his confidence and skills as he is not focused solely on day trading.

I would def like to hear the thoughts of other day traders and spouses on this!

For me, marriage has become a way to push each other to become better and to find the balance on how to live the life we want with the person we love.

Marriage is good and bad, I said I do to day trading but he said I do to me!

My Husband is Having an Affair

My husband was always the type of spouse who wanted to do everything together. That is, until recently. We were arguing not too long ago about how he had promised me he would take me to the Tampa Bay annual Gasperilla parade this year because I was able to get the day off from work. He did not want to keep his promise and stated “Just go by yourself.”

This statement sent a chill down my spine and gave me the realization that my husband was having an affair.

This affair has taken over my husband emotionally, financially and his time. 

Leaving me distraught and unable to speak to anyone.

Prior to my husband breaking his promise with me he had been having a terrible week at trading and his mood reflects it. If he has a bad week, my week seems to be worse.

He is having an affair with the stock market. I cannot compete with the stock market. The stock market has seduced him with her attractive lifestyle she promises and the potential freedom which she can give.

My husband keeps a strict schedule Monday through Friday. His alarm goes off at 6:30am and his begins his day with running around our neighborhood. He comes home to shower the sweat off and meditate before the stock market opens.

He then begins his day trading for the day.

If I am at work I usually send him an encouraging text message but usually I am able to send it after his trading is done for the day. Today he told me it would be helpful if I messaged him prior to trading ( again I seem to be failing at being a day trader’s wife.)

On a good day, he boasts about his trades and how he feels he is becoming more skilled and on a bad day he tells me how he sucks and how normal it is. I have attached a screen shot of one of our text banters over day trading. For the record, I used to be more sympathetic and try to stroke his ego but I have learned the less I say the less we argue. He told me once to not sugar coat it.

Pimp Daddy is the name my husband has chosen for his contact name in my phone.


As a wife who works full time and would like to start a family, I feel as if I am running out of options. I can’t find a way to help my husband be happy, I have no interest in the stock market so I can’t seem to hold a conversation about it and I don’t know anyone in this situation. Does anyone else have a husband who is having an affair with the stock market?

This affair has overtaken our conversations and making me lean toward waiting even longer to start a family ( I have another blog to share in regards to this topic.)

I pray and wish my husband becomes the day trader he aspires to be, I want to support him in his dreams but until when do I do this? When I got married, I really did not realize when I said I do to my husband I actually said I do to day trading.